A World Remade

The war is won, the necromancers have fallen. After years of fear, the land of Lethu is freed from the dominion of death.
But war is not made without sacrifice. Mighty heroes have gone to battle, and not all have returned. Gods and guardians did battle, and even these have been changed, diminished. The strong reaches of the world have been greatly taxed, and have left gaps of power. New forces will rise to fill the void, and none can say if they will prove to be good or ill.
The peoples of the earth are being born anew, discovering new strengths, new weaknesses, and seeking to make their own place in the world. New threats will haunt them, and new quests will drive them onward.
The circle turns, and the world is being remade.

The Quest in the Depths

The tides are changing.

We are the children of the ocean, the sons and daughters of Kisui and Fushar. We are the Sea People, and we stand apart.

In the days of old we built great kingdoms, the equal of any upon the land, and none could best us upon the oceans. Even the great beasts of the depths were cast out, and the shallow seas were ours alone. So prideful were our ancestors, they could not imagine the cataclysm which was to come. The great war came, and divisions grew between us, pitting nation to nation, and tribe against tribe. The war itself was not punishment enough for our sins, and the sea floor shifted and writhed. The tides turned against us, and the shallow sea became inhospitable. We were cast out into the open ocean, left to the mercy of the depths and its monsters. Those who survived those dark times learned to cling to each other, and in time, their children’s children returned to the shallow sea, having been humbled.

It was a changed place; the old cities were gone, save for a few twisted ruins, and much knowledge had been lost. We rebuilt, and in time, we joined together to form a new nation across the shallow sea – Aquirra. Here we remain, safe beneath waves and ensconced upon islands.

And now, the tides are changing. Old things are being awakened, and a darkness is stirring. The whales know it in their bones, and the seers dream of golden cities and the sea consumed with lava.

The circle is turning, and you must seek your fate.

Things As They Are
Where the Stories Begin

This is a world of opposites; ancient cities and vast empires are surrounded by deep forests filled with fell creatures. Kings and queens rule the lands, but even the poorest of children could be born into mage-power. Gods may choose to walk amongst the people, but rarely do they blatantly use their might.

This is the world, the earth.

This is a world on which great civilizations dwelt, and fell. This is a world which was cast into the darkness beyond war, and is only just recovering. This is a world which has the potential to rise again… and to fall once more.

This is the circle, the great turning of seasons, nations, lives.

The circle is turning, and your story has begun.


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