Kenru va V'slara

Heir to House V'slara, Feather of the Mage Corps


Kenru comes from a long line of mages, and has done his family proud; he showed talent quite early, did quite well at school, and joined the Milani Mage Corps. After serving for five years, he was granted status as a “Feather”; a leader of a circle of mages.

Kenru is in his late 20’s and is tall, with very dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is color-blind, which leads to a certain eccentricity in his wardrobe. Kenru is talented with wind magic, fire magic, mind magic, and mage sight.

Kenru’s mother is the Phoenix General, Liliana va V’slara, and his younger sister, Anica, has followed him into the Mage Corps.

Kenru va V'slara

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