Atarni va Halcyon

Former Head of House Halcyon


Atarni was the first-born child of Torin va Halcyon and Mirriam ta Armic. His younger brother is Merric ta Halcyon. Atarni is a mage, and spent years studying before joining the Milani Mage Corps. After serving for 5 years, he became a “Feather”; the leader of a circle of mages. About a year after his younger brother was also made a Feather, his father died in a riding accident. His mother, apparently stricken with grief, wasted away a few months after. Almost a year after that, Merric was killed by friendly fire near the wall. Despite these losses, Atarni has worked hard to maintain his family’s position. Recently, with the borders quiet, he has been mostly on inactive duty.

Atarni has been using his free time to build up his family’s fortress and do a few experiments.

Atarni is a tall, handsome man, with pale skin and blonde hair.

More recently, it became clear that some of Atarni’s experiments were of a particularly cruel nature, including the transformation of people into beasts. He was summoned to court, but fled into exile.

Merric, his brother, is now the head of the house.

Atarni va Halcyon

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