Bao Yong

Scholar of the Imperial University



Scholarly Study (History) – 9
Socialize – 7
Knowledge (Occult) – 5
Business – 5
Scholarly Study (Literature) – 4

Archery – 4
Fighting Defense – 1
Speed – 1 (-1 without braces)
Stealth – 1


Bao Yong is the second child of the Yong family, a fairly wealthy merchant house centered in Tisha. The family business deals in magical pieces; both artifacts and new creations, which is where Bao got his interest in history. His family was happy to pay for his studies, and Bao has repayed them by evaluating new pieces for sale. However, his true love is in history, and he prefers to spend his time studying old texts and going on expeditions to archeological sites.

Bao is a human/lek’re half breed, though one lacking in hybrid vigor. His legs are slender and hooved, taking after his lek’re father, but their shape is malformed, and they are too weak to support his weight. His ears are slightly pointed, and his eyes a dark brown. His hair is light brown, but refuses to grow longer than an inch from his scalp. In order to get around, Bao wears braces around his legs. The braces are enchanted for strength and durability, and bend enough to allow him to walk.

Bao Yong

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