Cerash Muklu

Third Child of King Phenol Muklu, Prince of Aquirra


Water Magic – 5 (+5 from bracelet)
Foresight – 4
Mage Sight – 2
Scholarly Knowledge (history) – 3
Diplomacy – 1


Character Name: Cerash Muklu

Species: Sea People

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Red

Hair Style/Color: 1 spiky fin, about one hand length in height with a piercing at the top, with a painted stripe across the middle of it length-wise bright-red fins
Skin Color: dark blue body in scales with a faint green sheen, lighter blue belly/chest with a slight white sheen, fins down forearms (three piercings in each) and behind his calves, webbed hands and feet (webbing is red)

Description: Cerash would be 6’4” and lean but muscular, with his tribe tattoo on his upper left pectoral. He would also have snake bites pierced on his lower lip. And abalone shell wristlets.
Clothing: Black whale skin “shorts” to the knee, with bone armor around the chest from the back with abalone shell paldrons. A set of fancier neon-y fish scale pants and a vest with bone or shell weighting. Diadem that hooks in the piercing on his head fin.

Class: Mage
• Main Skill: Water Magic
• Secondary Skill: Foresight
• Tertiary Skill: Mage sight

Additional Skills
• 1 Scholarly knowledge – history
• 2 Diplomacy

Equipment: a net, a set of small knives, a pouch to carry items, a pack animal sea horse to carry larger things around, a conch shell in case of emergencies, and edible provisions, a lantern fish in a jar/ glowing algae, ointments for minor wounds and disease, and a rough map. Bracelet with slightly worn markings.

Background: 3rd prince of Aquirra, slightly sarcastic adventurer, from a very large family, close to younger siblings, likes his older siblings and gets along with them because he has so much freedom, he likes to share his adventures with them. He has a passion for magic and history.

Cerash is from the Muklu family.

Cerash Muklu

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