Fawna Averas

Potential Heir of Canyon City


Lady Fawna Averas is the daughter of Lord Icaran Averas, and the twin sister of Lord Ferundal Averas. Her mother passed away bearing herself and Ferundal. Fawna chose to train herself in the fighting arts, and is a fine swords-woman. She also enjoys horse-back riding, though her home in Canyon City does not lend itself to land-based mounts. She has black hair, brown eyes, and tends to wear dark, practical colors.

Lady Fawna, called “Fawn” by her twin and close friends, has recently spent much of her time running the family holdings with her brother. They have spent a lot of time with the wing people who make up most of their city’s population, and they believe that the governance of Canyon City should be turned over to the wing people.

Lady Fawna’s favorite horse is a chestnut war-horse stallion called “Flame.”

Fawna Averas

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