Ferundal Averas

Potential Heir of Canyon City


Lord Ferundal Averas is the son of Lord Icaran Averas. His mother, Lady Morian Averas, passed away in childbirth bearing Ferundal and his twin sister, Fawna. Ferundal is a mage, with light magic, fire magic, and some ability with shield magic. Ferundal has light blond hair and blue eyes, and tends to wear brightly-colored clothing.

Lord Ferundal, called “Ferdy” by his twin and close friends, has been spending most of his time helping his sister run the family holdings. He and Lady Fawna have spent a lot of time with the wing people who make up most of their city’s population, and they believe that the governance of Canyon City should be turned over to the wing people.

Ferundal Averas

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