Ia the Tentacled

Definitely Not Cthulhu



Trident – 5
Shielding Magic – 4
Tentacle-to-Hand Combat – 2
Larceny – 2
Riding – 2


Species – Kracken Lek’re

Gender – Male

Eye Color – Bulbous and White

Hair Color/Style – Bald

Beard Color/Style – A mass of dark grey-green tentacles.

Skin Color – Mottled grey-green with ridges of black cartilage

Description – Some Lek’re could be mistaken for human in a bad light. For this particular incarnation of the species, it would have to be damn near total darkness. The top of his head comes to a point, rather like a broadhead arrow, and below this he has a mass of tentacles covering what would ordinarily be a mouth, nose, and chin. His eyes are set slightly to the side, and he does not, as such, have joints. Instead, he has small manipulator hands on the end of each of his eight tentacles – which generally combine, when in land-y clothing, to imitate arms and legs, per position around his oddly long and flexible torso.

Clothing – Aside from baldrics and pouches, he doesn’t tend to wear much unless trying to put someone at ease by seeming slightly more humanoid. He will, on occasion, wear armor, but finds bone to be an odd substance to have anywhere near his body.

Class – Fighter/Mage
Main Skill: Trident
Secondary: Shielding (Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic!)
In Addition: Tentacle-to-Hand Combat
As Well: Riding

Equipment – Trident, Backup Trident, Backup Backup Trident, Reluctantly Worn Bone Armor, Sea-a-ma-horse, Spear from ruins – silvery in color, very sharp, returns to you when you want it to.

Ia the Tentacled

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