Ingolf Güdmund

Jarl of Northmarch, Overseer of the Deep Mire, Lord of the Thirty Isles, High Skald of the Fourth Hall, and Runesmith of Erlsberg

Fighting Skill
  • Swords and Blades – 6
Mage Skill
  • Enchantment – 5
  • Elemental Air – 3
Social Skills
  • Craft: Smithing – 3
  • Craft: Singing – 1
  • Survival – 1
Erkan’s Stats
  • Hoof-to-Head – 1
  • Gore – 3
  • Fighting Defense – 2 (+ 2 w/armor)
  • Speed – 2
  • Stealth – 1

Moose – Erkan

Origin – Corsil Empire

Species – Human

Gender – Male

Eye Color – Pale Grey

Hair Color/Style – Extraordinarily pale blonde, pulled back in a loose grouping in back.

Beard Color/Style – Carefully trimmed “van dyke” beard

Skin Color – Pale, save for the right arm and right side of the face, which are reddened.

Description – Ingolf is a surprisingly lean man, given his profession. Whereas many blacksmiths tend toward a hefty build, the only sign of his profession is the reddened skin on his right side, and the increased musculature on the corresponding arm. His fingers are slim as well, though heavily calloused. The smallest two fingers of his left hand are missing.

Clothing – Jarl Güdmund habitually wears well-cut clothing – long coats of wool slashed with satin over thick purple linen shirts, worn not so much for their appearance as for the obvious expense of the dyes used. His pants tend toward blues and blacks, and are usually straight cut. This will be accompanied by an ornate rapier and main gauche combination of blue steel, with spiraled horn hilts. The handguards are, oddly enough, made of the same pale horn, inlaid with no more than a tracery of runes etched in silver and gold – hardly a material that seems even slightly practical.

In combat, Ingolf will don a suit of articulated plate – plain, unlacquered steel in appearance, save for one rather major detail: There is not the slightest hint of shine to the metal. His movements indicate that the mail is preternaturally light, and light itself seems to ignore the surface, giving it an oddly dark appearance for the material. It isn’t black so much as it is like grey armor in a dark room. His war blade is of a similar material, but of blue steel. It is at the upper border of weapon size for wielding in a single hand, but rests easily on his back or in hand.

Class – Craft Mage/Fighter
Main Skill: Enchantment
Secondary: Swords, and the Hitting of Things With Them
Secondary: Elemental Air

Equipment – Rapier, Broad Sword, Shield, Articulated Plate, Moose Barding
Loot – Mage Smithed Sword (Effects TBD), Earth and Water Paired Swords, smith’s tools -academical steel, when attuned to user, provide very fine control, will expand ability to work metal, utilize spells.

Background – Got married. Didn’t really get along with the little woman. Left to home to, well… not be at home. She might have cut off his fingers. Maybe.

Ingolf Güdmund

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