Male, Lek're High-morph[Lion], Polearm Duelist [Fighter]

  • Character Name: Jabulani
  • Species: Lek’re High-morph[Lion]
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Hetero-chromatic Left[Green] Right[Purple]
  • Hair Style/Color: Huge fluffy mane of gold filled with many braids where a beard would be.
  • Skin Color: light-gold

Description: Stands at seven feet one inch tall, his large frame is surrounded by corded muscles. Many have described him as fluffy, he takes grate pride in his well groomed fur and mane. There is no faster way to piss him off then to dirty or mess up his fur. A small scar rests over his right[purple] eye. Very long tail adorned with rings and tribal wrappings.

Clothing: Minimal traditional Sunjanta clothing / loincloth. Large plate pauldrons, and plate gauntlets with claw holes.

Class: Polearm Duelist [Fighter]

  • Main Skill: 9 :Polearms
  • Secondary Skill: 2 :Hand-to-hand [grappling]
  • Tertiary Skill: 3 :Strategy

Additional Skills

  • : 2 :First Aid
  • : 1 :Herbology
  • : 1 :Survival
  • : 1 :Vampiric Lore


  • Lucerne Hammer with force magic [shove] [9 ft.]
    *Large plate pauldrons
  • Plate Armour
    *Plate gauntlets with claw holes and [IRON GRIP]
    *Pack of medicinal herbs
    *Very warm fuzzy cloak
    *Mage site glasses
    *Healing Potions
    *First Aid Gear
  • Tail Ring of Anti-Splatter
  • Bracelet of Returning [Hammer]
  • Magical Brush of Style
  • Tamed Magical Rope
  • Naginata

Background: Nelakii [Sunjata Tribe]
Where I was during the eclipse day [5-months] and Why am I in the Northern continent?
+ Eclipse day was the day I was to ascend to the rank of War Party Leader. But when the light was stripped from the day my tribe’s elder took it as a ominous omen and forebode me from ascending until I could find out what evil caused this to happen and stop it.



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