Jayden Pierce




Swordsmanship – 5
Archery – 3
Throwing Weapons – 2
Hand-to-Hand – 2
Cooking – 4
Carpentry – 3
Business – 3
Knowledge: Herbalism – 2

Learning Shuka


Character Name: Jayden Pierce
Species: Were-Cougar
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Style/Color: Short sandy blondish, kept cut fairly short
Skin Color: Light
Description: 25 years old, 6 feet tall, extremely lean. Not bulkily muscular, but pretty much 0% body fat and in great shape.
Clothing: Standard trousers and tunic. Varying colors, but usually blacks, browns, and grays.
• Main Skill: Swordsmanship
• Secondary Skill: Throwing Weapons
• Tertiary Skill: Hand to hand combat
Additional Skills
• 1 Craft (Cooking)
• 2 Business

Equipment: keeps a long sword and 4 throwing knives with him most of the time. When traveling he would take a canteen, rope, provisions, etc.
Background: Born to changer parents living on the border of Der’she and the Wild Lands, his family was slaughtered by a were when he was very young. The were, named Leon, changed back to his human form just before he killed the child. Leon tried to retreat to the Wild Lands when the full moon approached so he would not hurt any innocents. However, because Jayden’s family lived so close to the border, Leon, in his bestial form happened upon the small house and killed those inside. Overcome with guilt and shame at his murder, Leon decided to adopt Jayden, and raise him as his own. Fearing that Jayden would discover the truth as he grew older, Leon decided to bite him and pass on his lycanthropy to the boy. As Jayden grew, Leon taught him how to protect himself with a sword, as well as unarmed and with throwing weapons. Leon made a living as a mercenary, and so Jayden learned the tricks of the trade as well. But when Jayden turned 18, Leon decided it was time to confess the terrible truth he had hidden from Jayden all his life. In rage, at hearing about Leon’s murder of Jayden’s parents, and the fact that Leon had cursed Jayden with lycanthropy, he struck out at his adoptive father, chasing him away. Jayden has since tried to settle down, get away from the mercenary life. He opened an inn near the border of the Wild Lands and Der’she, a haven for weary travelers so that he might protect those who might be caught by unruly were. To prevent himself from repeating Leon’s mistakes, he hires a temporary manager for his inn and then travels deep into the Wild Lands, far from any signs of civilization.
If this comes after the events of the necromancer war, then Jayden would have answered Domik’s call. (Although I don’t think he would have arrived in time.) I suppose we will need to discuss ramifications for this.

Jayden Pierce

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