Kestor Rheic

Maritime Wealth Redistribution Specialist



Swords (one handed) – 6
Sailing – 2
Hand-to-hand Combat – 2
Business – 2
Strategy – 2


Character Name: Kestor Rheic

Species: Sea People

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Hair Style/Color: Sleek fins over head, (4 fins) a piercing at the end of each head fin

Skin Color: Deep Green body with seafoam green chest, forearm fins, calf fins. The fins are a bit lighter, but no where near his chest color.

Description: Kestor is 6’ 2”, and rather fit since he works on a ship. He has a few scars on his chest, a few on his arms, nothing major, just general battle scars from his life as a pirate (though he would never call himself such. Kestor is a “buccaneer”). “Ear” fins are pierced with studs, hoops, and fishbones.

Clothing: For surface wear: standard pirate outfit with (red) bandanas, (white) loose shirts, and (black) trousers. For underwater: tight-fit black sealskin shorts.

Class: Pirate
• Main Skill: One handed swords
• Secondary Skill: Sailing
• Tertiary Skill: Hand-to-hand combat
Additional Skills
• 1: Business
• 2: Strategy

Equipment: Ship (The Crimson Marlin), pirate cutlass, a map, food/provisions, a small knife, Enchanted Blade (He nicknamed the Serpent’s Gift), and a treasure chest full of gold and silver artifacts

Background: The third son in his family (and 5th child), he was extremely free in deciding how to live his life. The Rheic family, known for piracy, encouraged Kestor to pursue such a life from childhood. He’s been a pirate since as long as he can remember, though he swears that he is a noble buccaneer, only “crusading” to bring in supplies for his people. (But he knows exactly what he is, and enjoys the act) He worships Soran mostly, but does also pray to Kisui and Fushar. Is at least loosely tied to The Pirate Coalition. He was born in Carida but spends a majority of his time on the high seas. He speaks common, Bowana, and the southern continent language but only writes Bowana.

Kestor Rheic

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