Kieran Noctis



Mage Skill: Mind Magic – 7
Foresight – 10
Healing – 7
Wind Magic – 3
Illusion – 4
Mage Sight – 6
Light Magic – 5
Fighting Skill: Hand-to-hand – 8 (1 in jaguar form)
Throwing weapons – 3
Archery – 6
Swords and Blades – 6
Mounted Combat – 4
Riding – 6
Diplomacy – 1
Magic Defense – 6
Fighting Defense – 7
Speed – 5 (
1 in jaguar)
Stealth – 7 (+1 in jaguar form)


Kieran Noctis – “Shadow-dreamer”
Sex: Male
Species: Changer (panther)
Skin Complexion: Cream Brown (sort of Indian)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow (cat-like), but shine gold or white
Brief Description: 21 years old, typically cynical, reclusive, good-looking kid, but not really into girls. Scar from elbow to wrist; self-inflicted as punishment for not catching brother at age 7. Panther form; his spots form a wing-like pattern on his back, a spiral around his tail, and trace the bones down his legs. His panther nature shows through in his human form. Tall, well built with toned muscles. (grows to 6”2’)

Clothing: brown pants, brown tunic; tight black pants, tight black shirt.

Class: Mage Apprentice
Major Skill: Mind Magic
Minor Skill 1: Foresight
Minor Skill 2: Healing Magic

Weapons/Equipment: Dagger, 4 throwing stars, sword, bow and 10 arrows(gets ring after graduation, personal seal; also a mask) Enchanted Blade (sharper, stronger against undead and mordicants and bonded to me. The sharper/stronger effect is from Alchemy)

Background: Grew up in the Changer lands, in Hope City.
Brother was a lion changer, fraternal twin, named Kale. Born after Kieran.
Elder sister, named Kali, good-looking in a dark way, other form is a jaguar. She has mage powers, fire, mind-magic and foresight, but is an assassin, 28 years old, assassin name is Flame.
Younger sister, named Aurora, blonde hair. Other form is a cougar. Always cheery and bright. 11 years old. Has potential to be a craft mage singer.
Father, Suvan, is a cheetah; nice guy, friendly and a good father, worked as assassin, message-runner. No magic. Assassin name is Spots.
Mother is a panther, name is Cynthia. Teaches magic at assassin school, mind-magic, fire master, ice, illusion. Assassin name is Dark-Fire.

Mount: Ah’raa – Diembulo, “Di”

Living place: Assassins’ Apartments; top floor

GP: 125

Holding – Necklace w/birthstone for Kali, fan for Violet

Languages: Changer Language, Common, Nam’u’po

Kieran Noctis

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