Lyndea Azarola

A simple huntswoman and reluctant Craft Mage


Species: Were-lion

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Dark

Hair Style/Color: Brown

Skin Color: Light brown

Description: Lyndea’s lean in a stringy-muscle sort of way, standing about 5’7". An odd dark-brown splotch occupies the space from her left temple down to just above her cheekbone, concealing the Zingari tattoo by her eye. Her hair is kept cut short when she remembers to tend to it, and pulled back in a clip when she doesn’t. Has a set of odd scars on her right side, shoulder, and elbow. Her demeanor seems to have few settings between easy-going and nervous; she’s also terribly averse to conflict.

31 years of age at character creation; 31 as of Southern Continent adventure.

Clothing: Durable—if old or ill-fitting—earth toned shirt, pants, and shoes. She favors lots of little pockets. Won’t go anywhere without a simple, but treasured, dark green chaperon.

Class: Craft Mage

Main Skill: Athletics 5
Secondary Skill: Survival 3
Tertiary Skill: Mind Magic 7

Additional Skills
Anti-healing 1
Craft – Percussion 2
First Aid 2
Archery 4
Hand-to-Hand 1
Herbology 2

Equipment: Worn leather pack, bow and quiver, a segment of pelt for particularly cold times, hatchet and a pair of hunting knives, variety of small survival tools, rope, half-used vial of semi-permanent brown dye, carved lion-headed charm on a leather cord.

Acquired: Enchanted (Force, Mind) Bow, which adds impact force and magical aim the longer the marksman trains their shot; Enchanted (Force, Shielding) cloth armor; Enchanted spyglass for Mage Sight, night vision, and enhanced vision; summonable and dismissable pocketbook and writing implements; reusable magic torch; enchantment-disrupting small dagger. Blow gun with sleeping (?) darts. Subtle silver* bracelet.

Antique Summoning magic bow that creates ethereal arrows that vanish on impact, Enchanted (black and red men’s finery) cloth armor (chainmail efficiency), Enchanted drums that sync to the user, and maybe enhance the message the user wants to pass along (Mind magic weaved in?). Hella expensive circlet-crown thing with diamonds, enchanted to shield from Mind magic and boost wearer’s Mind magic, and enchanted to appear as a simple braided leather headband.



Background: An adolescent runaway with the misfortune of departing before her craft magic manifested, leaving behind both home and proper training. She settled into a Der’shean town, living briefly as a musician before joining a hunting group. Despite her original status as a runaway, she finds time to journey out and visit family as an adult. Lyndea doesn’t flaunt that she’s a Were—and has been one for some years now—but doesn’t usually go out of her way to hide it; anyone that spends time around her frequently would figure it out eventually, and it’s safer to let people know beforehand. She’s become more spiritual in recent years, praying to Juma, a goddess forgotten by most of the world.

Living family: Lots

Lyndea Azarola

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