Masuyo Yuuto

Student and Research Assistant to Bao Yong


Class: Mage
Mage Sight – 5
Wind Magic – 5
Summoning – 4
Enchantment – 1

Scholarly Study (History) – 4
Scholarly Study (Literature) – 2
Scholarly Study (Languages) – 2
Survival – 3

Speed – 2 (+ 1 in were form)
Stealth – 1 (-1 in were form)


Masuyo was born in a small village near Pecu, in the northern Corsil Empire. His mother contracted the were disease from his father, a traveling tinkerer. Masuyo was thus born were, and grew up dealing with his condition.

When Masuyo was 13, his mother, unable to continue to cope with her condition, committed suicide, leaving Masuyo alone. He had previously come to the attention of the village school-teacher by doing very well at his lessons, and was taken in by the teacher. Later, he was sent for further schooling in Pecu, and from there, Masuyo was granted entrance to the Imperial University in Tisha. He traveled to Tisha, and now studies under Bao Yong, and acts as his research assistant as needed.

In his other form, Masuyo is a brown wolf.

Masuyo Yuuto

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