Merric ta Halcyon

Feather of the Milani Army, Head of House Halcyon


Merric ta Halcyon was the second son of Torin va Halcyon and Mirriam ta Armic. His older brother is Atarni va Halcyon. Merric is two years younger than his older brother, but has followed closely in his footsteps. Merric is a mage, and, like his brother, attended school, served in the Milani Mage Corps, and eventually became a “Feather”. Merric was well-liked by his peers, though he could be very competitive.

When his parents died, Merric became very depressed, and somewhat estranged from his brother. He started requesting more active service, and was assigned to riding circuit with the cavalry. While on circuit near the wall chasing what they thought were bandits, they ran into an army ambush. During the attack, Merric went missing, and is believed dead. No body was ever found.

More recently, Darrius, a were in the employ of Atarni discovered that Merric was still alive; but had been transformed by his brother into a metal-winged hawk. They managed to reverse the spell, but only by turning Merric into a were himself. With Atarni charged with treason and exiled, Merric is now the sole scion of house Halcyon, and has been given back his titles.

With the status of were around the world dramatically changed, it is difficult to say what the future will hold for Merric.

Merric ta Halcyon

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