Priestess of Horil


Class: Priestess (social)

Socialize – 7
Diplomacy/Politics – 5
Scholarly Study (History) – 5
Scholarly Study (Dead Languages) – 4
Craft (Painting) – 4
First Aid – 4

Speed – 1 (2 while in flight)
Stealth – 1


Narula is a high-morph fruit-bat lek’re. She stands about 5 and a half feet tall, and has dexterous feet and wing-arms; basically wings in the place of arms, with a thumb and two fingers at the wrist joint. She is a priestess of Horil, and has the care of a small temple in Tisha, the capital of the Corsil Empire. She is in the process of fixing the old temple up, and also teaches three acolytes and preaches. She is known for being kind of heart and wise.


Tygris Faye