Nemeo of Calasque Street


Sculpting – 5
Mosaic – 1
Enchantment – 5
Engineering – 5
Manipulation – 4
Alchemy – 4
Water Magic – 3
Earth Magic – 4
Mage Sight – 4
Lightning – 1
Air Magic – 2
Socialize – 1

Magical Defense – 2
Speed – 1
Stealth – 2

Gold – 313
Guild Fund – 120


Nemeo of Calasque Street

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green, left eye red

Hair Style/Color: Brown, long. Sort of like he is too focused on his work and usually forgets to wash his hair

Skin Color: olive color

Description: Red eye from being in a fight when younger; stained the iris red. He has a tattoo on his upper arm from a gang he was a part of as a teenager.

Clothing: His not in studio outfit would more closely match Edwardian style dress. He usually wears a dark drew gatsby cap with a grey long overcoat, under that are durable pants; the important thing to remember is that even though he is now not a street urchin, he hasn’t quite shed the subconscious wardrobe of trying to blend into the background. His studio outfit is very utilitarian, with heavy gloves. He also has dress clothes, he got dragged along on some hoity-toity social function for some new building

Class: Craft Mage – Stoneworking
• Main Skill: Craft – Sculpting
• Secondary Skill: Enchantment
• Tertiary Skill: Scholarly Study – Engineering
Additional Skills
• Manipulation
• Alchemy

Equipment: a trusty chisel, some money hidden in his boot, chalk, some sort of measurement device, a looking glass, and pen and paper, slide rule

Background – Corsil Empire, Tisha; He was an orphan and grew up on the streets before the master of my studio noticed his talent, and took him in as an apprentice. He was a human street urchin on the streets of Tisha. human minority. Was in a gang, but one day the master of a sculptor studio noticed some of my work, I made sculptures out of natural rocks in the park. He took me in getting me away from the town guard trying to get me and from living on the streets. He is now an apprentice sculptor.

Nemeo of Calasque Street

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