Niran Kamol

Master Stonemason of Tisha


Class: Craft Mage – Stoneworking

Earth Magic – 8
Enchantment – 10
Mage Sight – 4
Manipulation – 4

Craft (Sculpting) – 10
Craft (Mosaic) – 7
Scholarly Study (Architecture/Engineering) – 8
Socialize – 4

Stealth – 1
Speed – 1


Nemeo’s teacher, and a master stoneworker. Master Kamol is a sculptor, architect, and mosacist, and has several students, as well as being a prominent member of the Tisha Stonemason’s Guild. Master Kamol is human, and a craft mage. He did much of his early work in the north; having grown up in the port city Sapi. He was the primary mosacist for a new chapel for the Khongordzol family in Pecu, a work which ultimately caught the eye of Emperor Issroy. Kamol (then a craftsman) was invited to Tisha to create a statue memorializing the previous emperor, and his success attracted more commissions from nobility and merchant families, as well as the temples. His crowning work, ironically, is one of his smallest – he redesigned the Imperial Bathhouse.

Niran Kamol

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