Sword and weapon – 3
Unarmed combat (horse form) – 4
Strategy – 2
Business – 2
Survival – 1


Character Name: Sigrun Aeducan
Species: Changer (War horse)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style/Color: Light blonde hair usually kept under a cap in thin braids. When loose it reaches down to her lower back
Skin Color: Tanned but still notably white

Description: She is a tall woman with a stocky build. She has a longer nose and flat teeth. Her limbs are long and powerful, and she has a slight tan and plenty of freckles. She is broad of shoulder and sturdy. She is notably, and irritably, also large in her frontal assets
In horse form, Sigurn is a dapple grey.

Clothing: Sigrun often dressed like a boy so she wears pants and a tunic, also a breast binding to aid in her movement. She wears boots and a cloak when they travel. Usually she likes to go barefoot. She also owns a long apron dress in a white and blue color.

Class: Fighter (sword and shield)
• Main Skill: Sword and Shield combat
• Secondary Skill: Fighting in animal form (unarmed combat?)
• Tertiary Skill: Strategy
Additional Skills
• 1: Business
• 2: Survival

Equipment: 1 axe, one round shield made of enchantment enforced wood, light armor in the form of small pardons and full gauntlets, as well as an armored skirt for her thighs. Very cheap grecian looking. All equipment enchanted to last. rope, tinder box, sleeping pad, a small book, etc.

Background: Sigrun grew up amongst a mess of boys, her parents were forever taking in children because they could not have any of their own, they were a traveling couple who put on shows – very gypsy like. They were ex-mercenaries. They did their best not to take in girls because they didn’t think the traveling life was meant for young girls but they didn’t know that Sigrun was a changer until she was old enough to be attached to them – she remained in her war horse form until she trusted them. Sigrun became a part of their traveling act and she is the horse that her brother’s ride when they joust and engage in other mounted combat. Her father isn’t very happy about it but she helps to bring in an income and he taught her skills with a sword and a shield so that she could defend herself if she ever chose not to be used as a mount. A couple of her parent’s older wards were a very big part of her life, they would return and teach the younger children how to fight as well.
Sigrun gets along very well as one of the guys and she looks like them most of the time but she likes the idea of finding someone to travel with her and see her as a girl. She also spends a lot of time in her animal form so that her family won’t be charged with cheating by using her as a mount. She loves to read and listen to the stories her parents and siblings tell.

Sigurn’s Family

Father – Anton – Human, from Milan originally, was briefly in military service there, then left to joint a small mercenary company, where he met his wife. They later formed a traveling show to display games of arms.

Mother – Clemintine – Human, from Der’she, was a mercenary, has some mage-power, talents in alchemy and healing, very minor light magic.

Brothers – Günther – Lek’re bear, from the edge of the Wild Lands

Nero – Human, from Dara

Salvatore – Human, from Dara

Brady – Human, from Der’she

Dion – Changer blue jay, from the wild lands

Faraji – Human/lek’re leopard crossbreed from Nelakii – retractable claws, leopard eyes


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