Priestess of Usri


Magic Skills

  • Lightning – 4
  • Mind Magic – 2

Fighting Skills

  • Staves – 3
  • Fighting Defense – 2
  • Speed – 2
  • Stealth – 2

Social Skills

  • Business – 4
  • Socialize – 3
  • Scholarly Study: Theology – 4

Tayer was born in the Corsil Empire to a merchant family. She had some minor mage talents, but was more interested in the family business than becoming a mage. When she was 18, she left home with a caravan to make new trade contacts. During the journey, her party was attacked by the were. Tayer was captured and kept as a hostage for several months, during which time she became a were herself.

After one full moon, she awoke to herself alone, and wandered until she was found by a border patrol at the edge of Der’she. She was questioned, then turned over to a nearby abbey dedicated to the worship of Usri. As she began to recover from her various abuses and injuries, she wrote a letter home to her family, explaining what had happened. They did not respond to her first letter, nor her second, and eventually Tayer received an impersonal message informing her that she had been disowned. She was deeply disheartened.

After some time at the abbey, Tayer recovered her will, and spent some time studying both her mage powers and some basic fighting skills. She eventually took vows as an acolyte, and rose to the level of priestess when she reached the age of 25.

Tayer is currently 32 years old. Her were form is a badger. In human form she stands about five and a half feet tall, and has black hair with two silvered streaks resembling the markings of a badger. She has green eyes and the pale skin common in the Corsil Empire. Tayer tends to be friendly, but is not a morning person, and is very crabby for the first few hours of the day.


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