The Oblivious One


Blacksmithing – 7
Sailing – 2
Business – 2
Leatherworking – 1

Healing magic – 6
Enchantment – 3
Mage Sight – 1
Magic defense: 2

Fighting skill: Hand-to-hand – 6
Fighting defense: 3

Speed: 3 {+ 1 when in water}
Stealth: 2


Name: Terenas
Race: Lek’re, Water Monitor
Class: Merchant

Gender: Male
Species: Lek’re – Water Monitor, high morph
Scale Color: light blue
Eye Color: Emerald green
Description: Perpetually friendly appearance
Clothing: Fancy gray robe
Class: Merchant – Sea

Primary Skill: Blacksmithing
Secondary Skill: Sailing
Secondary Skill: Business

Additional Skills
Healing magic
Hand-to-Hand Combat

Equipment – Smithing hammer, tongs, and gloves. Resale license.
Memberships – Member of the Merchants Guild and a journeyman in the Smith’s Guild.
Pet: green squirrel, Pel.
Home: A’sani Port
Family: All lizard/reptile types; sister is a komodo dragon mercenary(Ashia), younger brother is a gecko, father is a water lizard, mother is a crocodile.

Family owns one ship, also rents from others.

Terenas was born to an odd family; his mother is a crocodile lekre, his father an iguana lekre, his older sister is a komodo dragon mercenary lekre, and his little brother is a gecko lekre. The family is fairly well off considering they live in lands that have frequent slaver activity. Having grown up with anti-slaver activists and merchants, Terenas thought he’d venture out into the world to continue the family business, choosing blacksmithing as his career. Despite his profession in making the tools of war, he himself is a self proclaimed pacifist. Self proclaimed only because he’s not above injuring people who would try to hurt him, he just won’t kill anyone, in fact he’ll use his healing magics on his enemies if he takes it too far. Despite the fact that he’ll fight in self defense, he is generally uncomfortable with the idea of fighting. When not doing smithing work, Terenas greatly enjoys reading, and is a bit of a bibliophile, actually seen cuddling books from time to time. Being a Water Monitor Lizard lekre, he also enjoys swimming, and like all reptiles, enjoys sunbathing.


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