Tiresa Lemanea

The Healing Historian



Scholarly Study (History) – 5
Plant Magic – 4
Healing – 4
Hand-to-Hand – 2
Diplomacy – 1


Character Name: Tiresa Lemanea

Species: Lek’re – Seal

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Style/Color: Blue with white waves, short-ish

Skin Color: Blue with lighter underbelly

Description: High morph Lek’re based off of a Caspian seal; more on the human side, has arms that are flipper-like with webbed fingers and legs that end in flipper-like feet. Can walk on land if necessary, but prefers swimming. Bright-eyed, cheerful, and curious about everything, will go on and on about languages if not stopped XD

Clothing: White fish-scale halter-top with a loincloth, doesn’t want much to get in the way of swimming
For land-based stuff, light grey simple leather dress

Class: Linguist/Historian (Mage)
• Main Skill: Scholarly Study (History)
• Secondary Skill: Elemental Plant Magic
• Tertiary Skill: Healing
Additional Skills
• Hand-to-Hand Combat
• Diplomacy

Charm to breathe underwater
Leather sachel with waterproof book and quill with waterproof ink, materials for making herbal potions (a bottle, mortar and pestle, etc.), resource books, dagger

Sea Horse – Putiputi, mostly green blending into blue

Grew up on a small island near the capital of Aquirra, went to a university near the capital. Only child, her parents live on the island.
Patron god: Usri, but very relaxed about worship

Languages Spoken:
Bowana – Primary language of Aquirra, reads and writes.
Common – Primary language of the Northern Continent, reads and writes
Nam’u’po – Primary language of the Southern Continent, reads and writes
Old Lek’re – Dead language; speaks some, reads.
Extinct Dialects of Bowana and Old Lek’re – Reads some

Tiresa Lemanea

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