Tybalt Tanav Va Yvon

The Noble Craft Mage



Mind Magic – 4
Transformation – 2
Enchantment (Runic Magic) – 2 (+1)
Fencing – 2
Musical Talent – 2


Gender: Male

Species: Human

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Light black

Skin Complexion: Fair; pale

Description: Six feet tall, slender, lives up to his noble title as much as possible, strives to be worthy, considerate, compassionate, and kind, generous, with a sense of duty and justice. Also very social, likes to get to know people, likes to read and learn. On upper right back (shoulder blade), scar tissue from a burn. Tattoo of family crest on the back of right shoulder/bicep. 25 years old.

Clothing: whatever the hell he wants

Class: Craft Mage – Violin
Major Skill: Mind Magic
Minor Skill 1: Transformation
Minor Skill 2: Runic Magic
Minor Skill 3: Fencing
Minor Skill 4: Generic musical skills

Equipment: Glasses enchanted with mage-sight, fencing rapier, four stilettos(two kept in boots, two in sleeves), three violins(one regular, one for casting, with runes 25% control, 25% magic storage, some for wind and water, some for summoning; one for better playing, mostly sound better-runes, all in room can hear, enhance emotions, some storage and control), lyre, harp(runes for hearing), pan-flute(runes for hearing)

Background: Tybalt is a member of house Yvon, a noble family from Milan. Tybalt was recognized for his magical talents early in life, and was trained alongside other noble children. He has recently moved into the royal palace, where he will be performing civil duties.

Sister – Caprice ta Yvon
Brother – Rupert ta Yvon
Father – Aleksy ta Yvon
Mother – Tessa ta Terim

Gold – 500

Tybalt Tanav Va Yvon

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