Second Illegitimate Daughter of Lord Bertain Cavax


Vera is the fifth daughter of Lord Bertain Cavax, and his second illegitimate daughter. Her mother was a serving-woman who worked in the family manor. When she became pregnant, Lord Cavax removed her from the household, but continued to pay her a small amount each month. With those payments and the income from her new job, she raised Vera.

Vera is well aware of who her father is; everyone in Sand Hold is aware. She had no desire to live her life out in Sand Hold, so she took some of the extra money, bought herself a sword and a horse, and left to see the world.

Vera traveled around much of Der’she, until running into some trouble near Tree Hold. She was set upon by bandits, and might have been overwhelmed had it not been for some aid from a lek’re gryphon named Aeo. Vera traveled with Aeo for some time after that.


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