Tag: Language


  • Common

    Common is the most widely-spoken language on the northern continent, and is also used as a trade language in some of the more northern parts of the southern continent. Common is the primary language of [[Lethu]], [[Dara]], [[Der'she]], [[Chula]], and …

  • Shuka

    Shuka is the primary language of [[The Corsil Empire]]. It is spoken nowhere else. It is notable that most people in [[The Corsil Empire]] also speak [[Common]]. Shuka is believed to be based off of the [[Old Lek're]] language.

  • Patu

    Patu is the primary language of [[Naahmu]], and is spoken nowhere else. Some citizens of [[Naahmu]] also speak [[Common]] or [[Shuka]].

  • Nam'u'po

    Nam'u'po, also called the Trade Language, is the most-spoken language of the southern continent. The southern continent is full of tribal languages and dialects, but almost everyone speaks at least some Nam'u'po. Nam'u'po is the primary language of [[ …

  • Changerspeak

    Changer-Speak or the Changer Language is spoken only by [[Changers]], and only in [[The Changer Lands]]. Most other peoples are not even aware that this language exists.

  • Old Lek're

    Old Lek're is a dead language; it was the primary language during the time of the [[World History | Old Lek're Empire]], but has since fallen out of use. It is believed that [[Shuka]] is based somewhat off this language. Some [[Lek're | Lek're]] still …

  • Bowana

    Bowana is spoken primarily by [[Sea People]], especially those raised further out to sea in [[Aquirra]]. A handful of sailors and merchants also speak the language, but it is uncommon.