Tag: Lek're


  • Jemar Shoken

    Lord Jemar Shoken is a medium-morph heron, and head of the Shoken family of Dara. He is married to Lady Korta, and has two children, Tre and Issa. Lord Shoken is widely considered to be a fair lord, but he has been under growing stress lately as his …

  • Chade

    Chade is a lek’re high-morph pine martin. He is in his early 30’s, muscular and well-built, and very strong. He has a prominent scar across his forehead. Chade never says exactly what it is that he does, but he seems polite and clever.

  • Kay

    Kay is a low-morph phoenix lek’re, with feathers in place of hair, and golden eyes. He is a craft mage, and uses a flute to cast. He specializes in fire, healing, and wind magics, but also has a little mind-magic. He is also a decent martial artist. …

  • Mali Lawan

    A female apprentice of Master Kamol; Mali is a lek’re high-morph ocelot. She is the youngest daughter of a large merchant family, and has been given leave to learn a new trade. She is studying mosaics and architecture.

  • Narula

    Narula is a high-morph fruit-bat lek're. She stands about 5 and a half feet tall, and has dexterous feet and wing-arms; basically wings in the place of arms, with a thumb and two fingers at the wrist joint. She is a priestess of Horil, and has the care …