Aghelo is the patron god of the Wing People.

According to mythology, Aghelo is the son of Usri and Juma. He was the god of the wind and the sky before he created the Wing People.

Aghelo is worshiped almost exclusively by Wing People.

Depictions of Aghelo show him as a wing person, but with four sets of wings instead of just one. He has a set of feathered wings, leathery bat wings, butterfly wings, and dragonfly wings.

Stories about Aghelo

Creation of Aghelo and the Wing People

When the world began to settle, the Lek’re and Sea People began to shape the world to mirror the works of the gods. They learned the usage of tools, and the arts of building, and making fire. Usri and Juma looked over their mortal children, and they were pleased. In their joy, they joined together as mates, and from their union a new god was born. He was conceived of joy and air, and thus was his form; all of air, wind, and the beating of wings. His name was Aghelo, and he had dominion over the winds and the sky. He became known to the mortals as a clever god, both impulsive and wise by turns, and he was called upon for fair skies, and to intercede with the other gods for gentle rains to grow the harvest. He became known as the patron god of all creatures with wings.

Many decades passed, and the mortals grew stronger in their skills. They created vast cities, and populated them with great machines and cunning magic. Aghelo had grown mighty, and chose to create a people of his own. As his form was unlike the lek’re or the sea people, so his children were unique; a slender folk with delicate features and brilliant wings. They were the children of the air and sky, born of cloud and wind, and their souls were bound to flight, and thus, to their wings. Aghelo was well pleased with his children, and the other gods saw these new creations, and greeted them with joy. But many amongst the mortal races saw these new beings as competition, or else, as inferior to themselves. There was unease in many lands, and many of the wing people withdrew to the high places of the earth. And so it was that there was division amongst the peoples, and the circle turned.


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