Elemental air is one of the four basic elements. Air is complimentary to Fire and Water, and is opposed to Earth. Air is associated with cleverness, intelligence, and a curious spirit. It is also sometimes referred to as wind magic.

Air magic can be used to call up winds or search areas with minimal disturbance. At lower levels, air magic can call up cooling breezes or lend accuracy to a thrown object. At higher levels, it can be used to summon a howling wind or send tendrils of air to search through a house.

Air elementals tend to be curious and inquisitive, sometimes to their own detriment. They are easy to summon, but can get themselves into trouble. They will appear as swirling purple winds or wispy clouds; with stronger elementals appearing somewhat humanoid. The guardian elementals of air are a finch and an eagle, which appear to be made entirely of air or wind.

The sub-elemental of air is Lightning.


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