Alchemy is part science, part magic; it uses ordinary materials such as herbs and metals combined with magic, to create something entirely unique.

Alchemy at it’s lower levels can produce potions or small devices; a healing potion, for example, or a compass which will point to the nearest source of water. At higher levels, alchemy can create medicines to cure blindness or hold back age, and create larger, more complex devices, such as a mechanical dog which can track any physical creature.

Alchemy is complimentary to Enchantment, Summoning, Healing, Anti-Healing, Necromancy, and Transformation.

Examples of Alchemical Potions: This is not a full list of potions which could be created, merely a list of examples and suggestions, along with the other types of magic which would be used to create effective potions.

  • Healing Potions – in various strengths; provide healing, recovery. (Requires Alchemy + Healing or Plant magic)
  • Strength Potions – Provide temporary enhancement of speed or strength (Requires Alchemy + Healing, Plant, Earth or Enchantment)
  • Smoke Potion – Breaking the container which holds this potion will cause a burst of smoke. (Requires Alchemy + Air or Ash)
  • Hallucinogenic Potion – Causes the user to see things which do not exist, experience sensations. (Requires Alchemy + Healing, Plant, Illusion, Mind Magic or Enchantment)
  • Sapping Potion – Causes the drinker to lose strength, energy, or magical power, depending on the design. (Requires Alchemy + Healing or Anti-Healing, Plant, or Enchantment)
  • Toxic Potion – Causes death upon consumption. (Requires Alchemy + Anti-Healing, Plant, or Enchantment)
  • Caustic Potion – Causes injury or damage to anything exposed to the liquid. (Requires Alchemy + Anti-Healing, Plant, Earth, Ash, or Enchantment)


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