Aquirra is the name of the realm belonging to the Sea People. Almost all settlements in Aquirra are underwater, and those that do breach the surface are often far out to sea, making this nation unknown to most peoples – especially “land-lubbers”. The bulk of the settlements and cities are to the south-east of The Corsil Empire and the east and north-east of Echroy.

Aquirra has one university; The Aquirran University, located in the capital city, Atlica.

Brief History

Aquirra was formed by a peace-treaty between the Sea People nations; which previously existed as city-states or small kingdoms. The treaty was pushed forward by Risioth Muklu, who would become the first king of the realm. Since then, it has functioned quietly, avoiding notice from the land, and maintaining peace among most of its citizens, though piracy is not unheard of.

Customs and Traditions

The Sea People have a somewhat unusual tribal system; all Sea People are automatically a member of a tribe, based upon their birthing place. Tribal identity is usually maintained even if the individual moves to a different area. Most Sea People carry the mark of their tribe, often as a tattoo or charm.

While crimes against other citizens of Aquirra are of course punished, piracy committed against land-dwellers is ignored, and occasionally, subtly encouraged.

Population Break-down:


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