Building Your Own Character

Okay, first rule of building your character is that as a GM, I will let you get away with a lot of shit, so long as you can give me a convincing reason for you having it, and/or convince me that it’ll be nifty. That being said, there are a few things that I do not allow.

  • Necromancy – Nope, sorry, NPCs only. If you can learn it in-game, fine, but ya ain’t starting with it.
  • Playing an Undead – Tried it. Twice. Didn’t work. No undead characters.
  • Demi-gods and half-demons – Don’t even exist in this world. Nice try.
  • Characters from other worlds – Yep, did that one too… first character for the game, actually. It was no good. Never again.

That’s pretty much the list… I’ll stick more things on it as they come up. So, on to building your character. A basic list of stats is here, and I’ll walk you through it below, with a bit of extra detail and things to consider.

Name is entirely up to you, though if you want it to reflect your country of origin you may want to check out Naming Conventions.

Species will be human, changer, wing person, sea person, Were, Lek’re, or Half Breed. Your species will help to determine your appearance, your standing, and how you view the world.

Gender through skin color should be self-explanatory, though you should take your home country into account somewhat.

Description is a physical description of your character. Your height, weight, general appearance. Do you have scars? Tattoos? If you also want to throw some description of mind-set or personality in as well, that’s good too.

Clothing is what you like to wear. I generally let people pick out at least two outfits; more if you have a reason to be able to afford them (and/or are likely to have them available). Try to keep in mind that this is a fantasy game. Denim is not period.

Class is your defining class. At this time, there are basically four classes, with a bit of wiggle-room. There are the two types of mages; Conventional Mages and Craft Mages, fighters, and social characters. The fighter and social classes are very broad, and will be narrowed down by which skills you choose. As mentioned, there is some wiggle room here; I am okay with multi-classing, ie. taking skills from multiple classes. If you wish to do this with magic, please select one of the types of magic as your class, then take the other skills you wish to have.

For your skills, the first three are your class-related skills: if you are a conventional mage, these will all be magical, if you a fighter, these will all be combat skill, and if you are a social character, they will all be social skills. If you are a craft mage, you may take both magic skills as well as any social skill appropriate to your craft. Also, if there is a fighting or social skill that you want, but isn’t specifically listed, ask me about it; so long as it’s more-or-less period, I should be okay with it.

Magic Skills:

Fighting Skills:

  • Archery
  • Swordsmanship
  • Shield-work
  • Staves
  • Hand-to-hand Combat (martial arts)
  • Polearms
  • Mounted Combat
  • Throwing Weapons

Social Skills

  • Diplomacy/Politics
  • Socialize
  • Craft (specify: cooking, painting, sculpting, dance, ect)
  • Survival
  • Larceny (includes slight of hand, pick-pocketing, ect)
  • Strategy
  • First Aid
  • Riding
  • Sailing
  • Scholarly Study (specify: history, natural sciences, literature, philosophy, engineering)
  • Knowledge (specify: occult, demonology, herbology, ect.)
  • Business (includes barter, trade, ect)

For equipment, put down anything your character should have on them; weapons, gear, musical instruments, spell components, whatever. As long as you can convince me that you should be able to have it, then you’ve got it.

Background is anything about your character’s early life and family. Please, please, if absolutely nothing else, give me your home country and let me know if you even have surviving family. Ideally, I’d like the above, plus a list of family members, a brief history, any gods you might worship, and some mention of how you were trained. If you want to be a member of a noble house, you will need to confer with me.

Other stuff that isn’t necessarily on the stats sheet but that you should think about: Do you have a mount? A pet? A traveling companion? Are you part of any organization? (assassin’s guild, secret society, scholarly circle, ect.) Are you from the city or the country? Based on what country you are from, what language or languages do you speak?

Again, I’m pretty flexible. If you have a thing you want to do but aren’t sure it’s legal, ask me. Chances are, we can work something out.

Also, I should mention that in certain cases where the background would necessitate it, I’ll give you a few extra starting points for your skills.

Good luck, have fun!

Building Your Own Character

Tygris Faye