Celestial Bodies and Constellations

A basic guide to the skies of the Tygris world. It’s a pretty confusing mix of science, magic, and mythology; but of the three of these, the mythology is probably the most accurate.

The Planet

The planet of the Tygris world is referred to as “Earth”. While it is clearly not our earth, it is an earth.

Scholars agree that the world is curved, though there is some debate as to the exact shape – some believe it is a half-sphere, others believe it is a full sphere. It is, however, mostly agreed that the various celestial bodies travel around the planet, and operate by the will of the gods, or other supernatural beings.

The Sun

Exactly which god or being the sun belongs to is up for debate; historically, it has been associated with Usri, but more recently it has been seen as a symbol of Vaku. There are also a handful of mentions of another, lesser-known being, who lives within the sun.

In any case, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

The Moon

Previously associated with Juma, the moon is now associated with Domik, and is referred to as “Domik’s Eye”. While the moon waxes and wanes in a roughly one-month cycle, it remains full for three nights, instead of just one.

Phenomena where the moon is oddly-colored, such as a red moon, is believed to indicate Domik’s mood… usually anger, wrath, or rage, especially during a full moon. On the other hand, an oddly-colored fingernail moon is believed to indicate that Domik has been briefly weakened, perhaps in a fight with Shayna.

Stars and Constellations

Stars are generally regarded as symbols of Horil, and are sometimes said to be the souls of people he watches over. Certain stars are said to be the souls of specific people, often heroes or great kings. It is believed that stars may appear or disappear as new heroes are granted a place in the sky, or old heroes vanish from memory.

Falling stars are generally regarded to be an ill omen; a sign that evil things lurk in the darkness. It is of note that while some falling stars are small and unnamed (read: meteorites), larger, named stars can also fall. This typically occurs during times of great strife.

There has been at least one fallen star in recent memory – it landed in what would become Milan, forming a massive crater. The ore from that crater is mined for weapons and magical artifacts, as star metal is believed to have unique properties.

  • The Wolf
  • Horil’s Throne
  • The Hunter
  • The Bow and Flying Arrow
Other Planets

If there are any, they are pretty distant, and are just referred to as stars, anyway.

Celestial Bodies and Constellations

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