Chimera are very rare, and are mutated members of other species which have been born in a magically-warped area, such as The Wild Lands, The Borderlands, or parts of The Northern Waste. For someone to be born a chimera, they must have been subjected to ambient magic while in the womb, and these effects are heightened if many generations of a family have lived in a corrupted area.

Chimera exist on a spectrum; some are very mutated, some have only mild alterations. These can be positive or negative, but usually Chimera have a mix of both.

Since Chimera are particularly uncommon and unnatural, they are typically not welcomed in settled areas, but those who can pass reasonably well can get by.

Notes for Creating a Chimera Character

Formal rules for Chimera characters have not yet been created, so all potential characters will have to be run by me first, but as a general rule, giving them more negative attributes than positive will create the desired feel.

Some ideas to get you started….

Positive Attributes:
-Enhanced Senses
-Extrasensory Ability
-Unusual Physical Attributes
-Magical Immunity

Negative Attributes:
-Poor Senses
-Sensitivity (Sunlight, fire, scent, ect)
-Disability (Misshapen limbs, missing limbs, dwarfism, ect)
-Mental Block (unable to learn any magic)


Tygris Faye