Dara is located in the mid-west area of the Northern Continent. Dara is bordered to the west by Lethu and to the east by Der’she. Dara is a large country, dominated by rolling plains and thick deciduous forests. Dara also contains a large lake, and the southern portion of The Gorge.

The city of Nika is home to The Great University of Dara.

Brief History

Dara has been in several wars over the past hundred years with both of its neighboring countries. The primary dispute with Der’she has been over the territory including The Gorge and a city call Hill Port. Dara currently controls this territory. In the past, Dara and Lethu fought over control of a large, but mostly barren off-shore island, as well as the thickly forested area immediately adjacent to Lethu. Following the civil war and subsequent conquest of Lethu by necromancers, Dara has been forced to absorb hundreds of refugees, and to defend their western border vigilantly. Several weather-mages were commanded to keep the western border-river flowing year-round, which has led to bad crop yields in recent years.

Recent Events

During the events of the Necromancer war, Domik summoned all the Were to fight. Given the high population of Were in Dara, this affected the country greatly; particularly when they were all forced to change during the battle itself. Many cities in Dara suffered heavy losses as Were citizens transformed and attacked. One city to the south, Far-Reach Port, also came under heavy attack by the undead – it is presumed that a necromancer was behind this attack, though so far, no one knows what this necromancer looked like.

Also, Queen Alexa recently gave birth to her first child, a prince.

Traditions and Customs

Due to the high Were population, most Daran citizens are wary of strangers and can be quite unfriendly to outsiders.

  • Capital – Crystla
  • Ruled by – Royal Family, King Tur’le, Queen Alexa, Prince Guerino
  • Royal colors – Blue and forest green
  • Royal symbol – a tree surrounded by water with a scroll and a sword at its base
  • Noble Families – Y’lan, Shoken, Ateru, Vaterik, Gerrald, Harowyn, T’ral

Military Structure

  • High Commander of Military
  • Army: 3 generals, 4 colonels under each general, 2 majors per colonel, 5 captains per major.
  • Navy: Admiral Agapito Damiano(Flagship The Resilience), Admiral Isabel Harowyn(Flagship The Fearless )
    Captain Eligio Barclay(The Boundless ), Captain Frediano Salvatore(The Honorable ), Captain Leon Gaspare(The Furious ), Captain Ilario Cèleste(The Diligent ), Captain Gloria Desi (The Vigilant )

Population Break-down:


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