Der’she is located roughly in the middle of the Northern Continent. It is bordered to the west by Dara, to the south-east by Milan and to the east by The Wild Lands. Much of Der’she is open, rolling plains, though there is a significant area of forest to the east, and a desert to the north. Der’she also controls the northern half of The Gorge.

Brief History

Der’she has had a number of border disputes with Dara over control of The Gorge and the city of Hill Port. Without the territory in question, Der’she is land-locked, and cut off from most immediate trade with the Southern Continent. Der’she has had mostly positive dealings with Milan. The border with The Wild Lands is constantly at threat from bandits, wild animals, and Were. Recently, Der’she has experienced some minor civil unrest, mostly from its large Wing Person population.

Recent Events

The city of Hill Hold recently experienced a major outbreak of a previously unknown illness. The plague affected mostly humans, and a few half-breeds, and killed all members of the local nobility, along with just over half of the human population of the city. The disease also showed resistance to healing; in fact, healers of any race who attempted to heal the disease were drained, and all human healers in the city perished. The city quarantined itself during the outbreak, and with no new cases, the quarantine is now lifted.

  • Capital – Ki’she
  • Ruled by – Royal Family: King Errol Aven’she, Queen Puya (Cosavena) Aven’she, Prince Heir Lanu Aven’she
  • Royal Colors – Red and Gold
  • Royal symbol – Lion
  • Noble Families – Old Families: Cosavena, Cavax, Talun, Averas, Malbrek, Ricketh
    p. – New Families: Donnel, Cambric


  • Army: High General, 2 Under-Generals – 2 Colonels under each general, 4 majors under each colonel, 5 captains under each major.
  • Archers Corps (almost exclusively wing-people; only nominally controlled by the army) – 1 “colonel” with 4 “captains”
  • Cavalry – 1 Colonel, 3 majors, 3 captains for each major
  • No navy

Population Break-down:


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