Echroy is the eastern-most country on the Southern Continent. Echroy is bordered on the west by Nelakii and on the south by Sa’Nar.

The country is a land of jungles and savanna, surrounded by a protective ring of mountains. Much of Echroy is good farmland, the extensive mountains produce metals and ore, and the ocean is a rich source of fish.

Customs and Traditions

Echroy is a nation built on the backs of slaves. Wealth is often measured in the number of slaves that one owns. The people of Echroy do not follow the war-god Lwe; and shun the beliefs held by their neighbors. They instead worship Kalmarra.

Echroy has both tribes and noble families, both of which swear allegiance to the monarch. While the nobles hold specific cities and are charged with guarding the border, the tribes are permitted to travel and mostly do as they please, so long as they bring their troops during a war. Marriages between the nobility and the tribes are common.

Population Break-down




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