Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is the use of the power of the various elements.

Elemental magic at it’s lower levels can produce, for example, a spark of flame or a sliver of ice. At higher levels, elemental magic can create a wall of fire or an ice storm. Each element has an individual feel, and mages can learn several elements, though usually only those which compliment each other. Each elemental power is considered a separate skill.

The basic elements are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Fire is complimentary to air and earth, and opposed to water; earth is complimentary to fire and water, and opposed to air, and vice-versa.
The sub-elements are Plant for earth, Ice for water, and Lightning for air. There is no known sub-element for fire.
The combined elements are blendings of two complimentary elements. Lava from fire and earth, mud from earth and water, storm from water and air, and ash from air and fire. To use a combined element, one must first be a master of the two complimentary elements.
The greater elements are Light and Darkness.

Elemental magic is complimentary to Enchantment, Mage Sight, Shielding and Summoning. In limited cases (earth, water, and plant magic), it may be complimentary to Healing.

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Calling the Elements

Red-orange flames swirl and writhe,
Element primal and powerful rise,
A power of destruction, yet of life as well,
For love is just fire which in mortals dwells.
Rat and lion your guardians be,
Element of fire, come to me!

Blue-green waves tumble and crash,
Element soothing yet fearfully rash,
A power of peace, given in both life and death,
For water may clean illness or defy mortal breath.
Carp and otter your guardians be,
Element of water, come to me!

Grey-brown rocks roll and thunder,
Element of birth and endless wonder,
A power of life, that to knowledge gave rise,
For earth is that which makes mortals wise.
Hedgehog and bear your guardians be,
Element of earth, come to me!

Purple-tinged winds sigh and roar,
Element playful and clever will soar,
A power of tricks, courage and stealth,
For to mortals air gifts both words and self.
Finch and eagle your guardians be,
Element of air, come to me!

Elemental Magic

Tygris Faye