Enchantment is the placing of a spell on an object or item to create a magical effect. Enchantment spells are often large, intricate spells, requiring a great deal of time and planning.

Enchantment at lower levels can place a spell on a ring to allow the user to store up magical energy for later use, or for making food or drink more delicious. At higher levels, enchantment can fortify walls and bind elementals into servitude.

Enchantment has a few sub-sets; binding and runic magic. Binding is specifically for binding a creature or elemental into a spell. The ability to perform a binding is dependent upon training, but is relatively easily learned. Runic Magic is a refined form of enchantment, allowing the mage to perform enchantments easily and relatively quickly through the use of set runes which embody the spell. Runic magic has become very rare, and there are few who still teach it. It is mostly limited to Milan and The Corsil Empire, though the mage-smiths of Lethu were said to use it as well.

Enchantment is complimentary to Alchemy, Elemental Magic, Force Magic, Healing, Anti-Healing, Illusion, Mage Sight, Shielding, Summoning, and Transformation.


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