House Fa’lorn is one of the Founding Families of Milan. While many of the younger members of the house are currently serving in the military, most of the older members have moved on from their military careers. Many now serve in the court and civil services.

House Fa’lorn has a large estate north of Far Reach Port, as well as a smaller estate south of Traitor’s Gate. They also maintain a town-house in Mountain’s Base City.

The heraldry of house Fa’lorn is a lightning bolt on dark blue.

Members of the Family

  • Claw General John va Fa’lorn
  • Sylira ta Armic
  • Leonties va Fa’lorn
  • Gaston ta Fa’lorn (Captain of the Royal Guard)
  • Abraham ta Fa’lorn
  • Lydia ta V’slara
  • Colonel Kaitlyn ta Fa’lorn (Army)
  • Kimberly ta Fa’lorn

Married into Other Families

  • Sola ta Fa’lorn (Andev)
  • Lucinda ta Fa’lorn (Armic)


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