Fushar is one of the oldest gods, and the patron god of the Sea People. His wife is Kisui.

According to mythology, Fushar is the god of deep water; the dark and fathomless depths of the ocean. He guides those of his children who are warriors, or those in danger who must hide from foes. Fushar is often regarded as a dangerous god to pray to; as he may send more trials to prove the worth of the penitent. He and Kisui created the seas, and them made the skies with Usri and Juma.

Some myths indicate that Soran is the son of Fushar and Kisui.

Fushar is worshiped almost exclusively by Sea People, with a handful of ocean-going lek’re and Changers.

Depictions of Fushar show him as a strong sea person man with black-blue skin, clad in coral armor. Sea serpents and Kraken are associated with Fushar.

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