Gods and Supernatural Beings

There are many gods, spirits, and supernatural beings influencing the world. Some are as old as the world itself, others are much younger. This list explains each type of being, and is ordered roughly from the greatest powers to the weakest powers.


There are basically two divisions of gods; species patron gods and minor gods. The species patron gods are those gods who created the various races of the world. Species patron gods may also have influence over some natural force or element. Minor gods are gods who oversee aspects of life or certain professions.

The power of all gods is determined largely by mortal belief; most races believe very strongly in their patron gods, so the patron gods are generally the most powerful. Minor gods often have pockets of localized influence. Gods who are not worshiped or believed in at all will die.

It is also of note that when a major war occurs in the world, there is always a parallel war among the gods. Whether the mortal war triggers the god’s war, or vice-versa is a subject of much debate among clerics.


Demons exist to cause harm, mayhem, and misery. Demons vary greatly in power from the small and weak imps, to the Demon Lord; who is said to be as powerful as the patron gods. Demons live in their own realm, the hells, but they can gain access to the mortal plane; usually via a summoning spell.

There are very few people who attempt to harness demons.

The Guardians

Four great spirits set on the world to keep everything in balance. The guardians are an old belief that has mostly fallen out of favor. The only information about them is a series of mosaics in a chapel in The Corsil Empire. Also known as “The Old Ones”.

The Ancients

Very few people believe that the ancients exist. They are said to be strange, unnatural creatures with power over the turning of the seasons and the elements.


Elementals vary wildly in power from very weak and simple-minded elementals, to the elemental guardians, which are beings of great power and intelligence. Generally, elementals reside on the elemental plane; influencing the world in subtle ways. Elementals can, of course, be summoned by Summoning magic.

Occasionally, elementals will appear in the world without having been summoned, often due to some major elemental-based disturbance. For example, a few fire elementals may appear during a large forest fire. Elementals are generally benign, and tend not to understand mortal disagreements.


Familiars are supernatural beings which take the shape of an ordinary animal. In physical form, they will appear as that creature entirely, though they may display more intelligence than an animal should. Familiars attach themselves to mages who have similar personalities or goals to themselves, and will protect that mage, guide them, and, if necessary, boost their power.

Looking at a familiar using Mage Sight will reveal their actual shape. The actual shape of a familiar will be a parallel to their chosen animal form, but the actual shape will be sized according to the age and power of the familiar. The familiar will also appear to be wearing jewelry, which is also a mark of their age and power. For example, a young and relatively weak familiar might appear only slightly larger than it’s physical form, and may be wearing only a single gold earring. A very old and powerful familiar will be bedecked with earrings, collars and bracelets, and will be much larger than its physical form. Familiars are reincarnated after death; they will always be reborn as the same type of animal, though they gain power with each life.

Totem Spirits

Totem spirits are similar to familars in function, but very different in form. Totem spirits have no physical form at all, and thus cannot physically protect their chosen mage, though they do offer guidance, wisdom, some training, and can also boost a mage’s power. Totem spirits can only be acquired in Naahmu, as they are connected to the local belief in the power of nature spirits. Totem spirits are frequently animals, but may also represent plants or natural phenomenon.

Totem spirits can always be seen by their chosen mage, and will be visible to others using Mage Sight.

Gods and Supernatural Beings

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