Half Breeds

Half Breeds are the offspring of an inter-species breeding. Any of the player species can interbreed successfully, with the exception of the Were. (See Were for explanation) All Half Breeds are sterile, and their exact appearances and abilities are wildly unpredictable. Some Half Breeds seem stronger or more athletic than either of their parent species, some take the weaknesses of their parent species to extremes.

Half Breeds are fairly uncommon, as most people choose to breed and marry with their own species. Half Breeds are more common in particularly open-minded countries, like Milan and The Corsil Empire, as well as in slaver-nations, like Echroy.

Examples of Half-Breeds:

Lek’re/Human Cross – Often will resemble a low-morph Lek’re, but may appear almost entirely Human. Often are physically stronger or faster than normal, or may have unnaturally keen senses. Alternately, they may be disproportionate and have difficulty functioning.

Lek’re/Sea Person Cross – Varies wildly depending on the nature of the Lek’re parent; though usually such crosses are from oceanic Lek’re. Gills and fins are common traits from the Sea Person parent. Generally strong swimmers; may be restricted to water entirely.

Changer/Wing Person Cross – Any cross involving Changers may be unusual; a cross between a Changer and a Wing Person could result in either a human-looking being which could manifest wings on command, or else a being resembling a Wing Person with somewhat stunted wings, which would be able to shift into a bird or other avian form.

Half Breeds

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