Jop'aran Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Jop’aran Academy of Arts and Sciences is located in the city of Jop’ara in the Corsil Empire. The colorful nature of the city and its inhabitants has lead to a thriving artistic community.

The academy is technically dedicated to both arts and sciences, but has excelled primarily in the arts, of late; producing several great painters, one of the most popular authors in the Empire, and is the source of all the latest imperial fashions. The school includes a great deal of studio-space, as well as galleries, a dye-works, and a library. It does also include some laboratories, though it would seem that little of interest comes from that portion of the academy.

Due to local superstitions regarding mages, the school has no formal magic studies, and while magic-using students are not necessarily turned away, they are not welcomed or particularly nurtured.

Admittance to the academy is relatively simple; display of artistic talent or a keen scientific bent is often sufficient, though having a noble patron is also useful.


  • Heng Da – Sculpture, stoneworking, and history (Lek’re golden tamarin)
  • Li Jian – Smithing and metalworking; armor and weapons (Lek’re red panda)

Jop'aran Academy of Arts and Sciences

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