Juma is one of the oldest gods, though she is nearly forgotten now. She is the patron goddess of the Lek’re, and the wife of Usri.

According to mythology, Juma and Usri created the earth; and formed an alliance with Kisui and Fushar to create the skies. Juma and Usri had two godly children; Aghelo and Shayna. One day, Juma was visited by the Demon Lord. He disguised himself as Usri and tricked her, bringing her to bear his own son, Domik. For this, Usri cast her aside.

In recent history, worship of Juma is almost non-existent; she is perilously close to being a dead god. She is worshiped only by a handful of Lek’re and Were.

Depictions of Juma are very rare – her image seems to be damaged in almost all paintings and tapestries, and most statues to her are damaged beyond repair – but the few examples depict her as having the head of a lioness.

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