Kalmarra is the goddess of slavers, and is worshiped almost exclusively in Echroy, where true slavery is legal. Kalmarra is said to value discipline and obedience, and to reward both successful owners and well-trained slaves. Kalmarra is also sometimes called upon in battle, as she is the opposite of Lwe. Formerly, she was a goddess of scribes.

Kalmarra is most frequently depicted as a Lek’re vulture with four arms. She is often carrying a whip, a chain, a flask of water, and a scroll.

The Tenants of Kalmarra:
1. The balancing of the world is dependent not upon equality, but upon acknowledging inequalities. Just as an ox is not equal to to a dragon, a worker is not equal to a master. Each must know their place.

2. Some shall be given dominion over others. Slaves will belong to masters, masters shall be beholden to their chiefs and lords, and these owe their loyalty and devotion to kings and queens. All these shall bow before gods. This is the true order and adherance will allow for balance.

3. The role you have been granted is holy, and it is right for you to fulfill it to the best of your ability. If you serve or labor, seek to bring comfort and wealth to your masters. If you own land and slaves, strive to keep these healthy and safe. If you rule, do so with justice, and seek always the best course for your people.

4. Those to whom you belong or owe loyalty to are granted the right to judge you for your crimes and loyalties.

5. If one over whom you hold dominion is incapable of fulfilling their role, it is your duty to find them a more suitable role.

6. Seek not reward for your labor or duties, same for satisfaction with yourself, and the knowledge that by your service, the world may be brought back on course.

7. Spread these tenants to others, and seek to bring others to their truths. Outsiders may resist, but deep within they will hear the truth in their hearts.

Stories about Kalmarra

The Sum of the World

In the days of old, the gods of the southern continent were of a single purpose, and watched over all the peoples of the land. While Q’warri watched over the people, Lwe watched over warriors and hunters, and Hokat and Rhamut brought justice and law upon the land, a young goddess kept the accounts of all the gods. She was Kalmarra, the goddess of scribes, and she was as a Lek’re vulture with four arms.

One day, Kalmarra sought to balance the worth of all that there was in the world, but her sums came up false. She worked on the problem, and at last determined that not all creatures were equal – the beasts of burden were not of the same worth as the free beasts, nor was any beast the equal of the peoples of the world. She delved further, and determined that even amongst the people, not all were equal. Kalmarra declared that some were made to serve, while others were made to rule and own. The other gods were angered, and decreed her to be false, but she persisted, knowing the truth of the world. She left the other gods, and sent visions to those who were worthy, that they might spread her truths amongst the mortals. These prophets spread the word, and some of the people answered to their call, both servants and masters alike; and these worthy ones were blessed in her eyes. The other gods called to their followers, declaring war upon Kalmarra and her worshipers, but she lent strength to her soldiers, and met Lwe himself in battle. The followers of Kalmarra settled themselves behind the mountains to the east, and there they founded a great kingdom, which would become Echroy. And so the circle turned, and the order of the world was made known to mortals.


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