Karkadan are very large creatures inhabiting the forests and rain forests of The Wild Lands and The Corsil Empire. Karkadan are muscular creatures with leathery skin, cloven hooves, and short, tufted tails; but their most prominent feature is the horn which grows in the middle of their foreheads. Most karkadan reported are the size of a rhinoceros, but they are said be able to grow much larger.

For its size and bulk, the karkadan is a remarkably agile and stealthy creature; able to move through trees and underbrush without disturbing a single plant, and with almost no sound. This ability has given them a reputation as guardians of the forest. They are very rare, which is fortunate, given their extremely bad temperament.


A karkadan is shown supporting a book on the heraldry of The Corsil Empire alongside an ox.


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