Kisui is one of the oldest gods, and is the patron goddess of the Sea People. Her husband is Fushar.

According to mythology, Kisui is the goddess of light waters; rivers and streams, as well as the surface waters of the ocean. She guides those of her children who touch the surface world and is sometimes called upon for protection from storms. It is said that she and Fushar created the seas, and with Usri and Juma created the skies.

Some myths indicate that the little god Soran is the son of Kisui and Fushar.

Kisui is worshiped almost exclusively by Sea People, with a handful of ocean-going Lek’re, Changers, and Humans.

Depictions of Kisui show her as a sea person woman with pale lavender skin, clad in teal waves and sea foam. Dolphins and whales are associated with Kisui.

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