The Lek’re have a blending of humanoid and animal features. They range from “high-morphs” to “low-morphs”; a high-morph cat would appear to have the facial features of a cat, as well as a tail and paw-like hands or feet, a low-morph cat would have only cat-ears or a tail.

The Lek’re have a fairly high population, with particularly large populations in The Corsil Empire and the Southern Continent.

The strength and abilities of Lek’re are determined in part by their animal attributes; for example, a cat Lek’re will be more agile than a jackal Lek’re.

Species Examples:


Female high-morph snake merchant from The Corsil Empire


Male high-morph jay mage from Dara


Female low-morph zebra slave from Echroy


Male low-morph fox guard from Milan

Line-works courtesy of Evelyn


Tygris Faye