Lethu is the western-most country on the Northern Continent. Lethu is bordered to the east by Dara and to the north by The Northern Waste. Lethu has a coastal mountain-range on their western shore, which includes an active and partially-active volcano. They have a sizable forested area to the east, and the rest of the country is open plains.

Brief History

Lethu has had several border-wars with Dara over the past hundred years. More recently, a major civil war broke out when much of the peasantry, led by a few noble families, rebelled against the royal family and the majority of the nobles. The civil war lasted three years, and was eventually won by the royals, at a very high cost. Immediately following this conflict, Lethu was invaded by necromancers from The Northern Waste, who successfully killed or drove out most of the living population. The few remaining people live in the fortified cities Flame-Ridge and Cold Fire.

Recent Events

On the day of the Eclipse, two great battles were fought against the necromancers; one in northern Lethu, the other north of Dara. The necromancers and their forces were destroyed, and Lethu has now been reclaimed. The country is now controlled by co-rulers; a leader from each battle, and all refugees have been welcomed to return. Though ravaged by the necromancers, the land is recovering swiftly, and many have already returned.

  • Capital – Flame-Ridge
  • Rulers – Carian Royben, Lælianus
  • Flag/Colors – Undetermined

  • Former Capital – Edoor
  • Former Royal Family – King Haldane Letos, Queen Eleanor, Crown Princes Caleb and Elrik (entire royal family presumed dead)
  • Former Royal colors – Red and purple
  • Former Royal symbol – a sword surrounded by red and purple bands
  • Former Noble Families – Royben, Hesketh, Kaelan, Latimer, Wycliffe

Population Break-down



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